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No Cell Phones or i-Pods during the school day!

Students are not to use cell phones or i-Pods at any time during the school day. Once the first bell rings students need to put away all electronic devices until the school day ends.

Williams High School
Home of the Yellowjackets!
It is the mission of the Williams Unified District in partnership with parents and the community, to provide a safe educational environment which encourages responsibility and challenges all students to become motivated lifelong learners.


We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act but a habit  -Aristotle-

Congrats Class of 2013

Dr. Nicholas Richter, Principal
Williams Jr./Sr. High School
Mid Valley High School
Williams Independent Study

Rosa Meza Villaseñor, Assistant Principal

Hello students and parents.  The first progress reports have already come out and the end of the first quarter is just around the corner.  Now is the time to focus on academic success.  Work with your teachers, get extra help after school, attend the Saturday Academic Intervention, and earn the grades you are all capable of.  The ability to persevere, whether in life, on the athletic field or in the classroom, comes from the same place.  Excellence in one place leads to excellence everywhere.  Go Jackets!

Hola padres y estudiantes.  El primer reporte de progreso les mandamos y el fin del primer cuarto viene en dos semanas.  Ahora es el tiempo para exito academicamente.  Trabajen con sus maestros, venga despues de escuela para mas ayuda, assisten a la intervencion academica en sabado, y ganen las calificaciones mejores posibles.  La habilidad de perseguir, si es en la vida, en el campo atletico, o en escuela, viene de la misma lugar.  La excelencia en un lugar lleva a la excelencia en todas partes.  Adelante Jackets!

Staff in full Regalia

Future Class of 2017

Here come the Jackets